Sports dentistry

At the Polyclinic for BioDental Medicine Matković we apply the latest scientific knowledge in the production of individual mouthguards that are successfully used by our Olympic medal winners.

Individual mouthguard

Individual mouthguard are essential for the prevention of injuries in athletes teeth.

They prevent the occurrence of violations of the entire oral cavity, especially the teeth, lips, tongue and face, but also help prevent concussions.

What an individual mouthguard must have

Individual mouthguard must be comfortable, resistant to tearing, odorless, tasteless, specific size (adjusted to the size of the jaw), may not cause irritation to vomiting, and breathing disorders.

 Mouth guard can cause minimum disturbance of speech, but makes for regular communication without falling out of the mouth or adherence of mouthguard with your tongue and lips.

Individual mouthguard characteristics

  • top-notch retention

  • sufficient thickness of (3 – 6 mm) at the critical locations where external shock forces concentrated