Periodontics is a special branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the periodontium.

Periodontal are the supporting tissues of the tooth, which include gingiva (gums), bone and periodontal ligament, and are responsible for the support of the teeth in the jaw.

Gingivitis & periodontitis


Gingivitis causes the accumulation of bacteria on the teeth with resultant inflammation, redness and bleeding of gums. Although gingivitis susceptible individuals have poor oral hygiene, certain factors such as pregnancy, puberty, malocclusion or wearing braces contribute to the worsening of clinical disease.


Unrecognized and untreated gingivitis leads to the progression of a bacterial infection which then progresses to the deeper tissue, which we call periodontitis, and results in irreversible loss of bone followed by moving and ultimately tooth loss. Emotional stress, smoking or systemic diseases (eg. Diabetes) can worsen the clinical picture of the disease.


Working with Waterlase laser does not produce high temperature, pressure or vibration thus many procedures in dentistry have become almost painless.

Waterlase laser allows reduced use of anesthetic, reduced use of classical dental drill and with this reduced discomfort during surgery as well as after it.

The use of laser in the treatment of periodontal disease significantly reduces bleeding.

Some of the dental procedures that sometimes demand several visits can now be completed in one visit, without or with very little anesthesia, which means you can avoid feeling of numbness after the procedure.